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Why Choose DLA Training?

Since 1986, David Lewis & Associates has been training Dealers, General Managers, Service Managers, Sales Managers, F&I Managers, Service Advisors and Salespeople on the “Art of Inspirational Selling and Leadership.” Our unique ideas have helped thousands of Dealerships achieve their sales and management goals. Make the most of your Dealership’s opportunities and contact us today to learn more.

Inspirational Selling & Leadership

Inspirational Selling is the concept of being unique and different in the eyes of the Customer. It creates an environment that represents a non-pressure style of selling, while at the same time creating more sales and revenue.

Expert Trainers

All of our Trainers are DLA Certified and are the most knowledgeable and trusted in the automotive industry. Their Dealership backgrounds compliment their abilities to provide real world training and solutions.

Certification Programs

Becoming DLA Certified has become a standard of excellence. Students who have studied with DLA have become some of the industry’s leading producers. Certification programs are available for Sales Managers, Salespeople and Service Advisors.

Flexible Training Options

We offer a variety of training options, including In-Dealership, on location at our Philadelphia Training Center and online training videos. Choose any combination of our training products to create a customized solution for your Dealership.

Available DLA Training Options

Solutions to fit any Training Need!

In-House Dealership Training

In-Dealership Training

We offer fully customized training programs that will fit your Dealerships wants and needs. Training programs are available for your Management, Sales and Service Departments. This option is an ongoing month-to-month training agreement with no contract.

In-House Dealership Training

Philadelphia Training Center

Our Philadelphia Training Center offers a full range of classes to meet the training needs of your Dealership. This is a great learning environment with controlled classroom sizes. Multiple classes are held every day resulting in maximum scheduling convenience.

David Lewis Books


Certain workshops are available at our Philadelphia Training Center for individual enrollment. Workshops for Sales Management, Service Management, Service Advisors and Salespeople. These workshops are also available for In-Dealership Training and for large groups and associations.

Online Automotive Training

Online Training

Available 24/7, our Online Training Program is designed to let the Dealership and student train at their own pace and is available on most devices. This format can be utilized to conduct training or reinforce the training already provided.

Philadelphia Training Center

Upcoming Workshops


Phone-Ups Level 1

A one-day course that will teach each participant a structured process for handling each type of Phone-Up. Basic structured steps are taught. Each student will develop their own individual word tracks based on their personality within those structured steps. Extensive role play and scenario-based situations will be utilized to enhance the learning process. A must have class for anyone who takes a Phone-Up.

Who Should Attend: Sales Managers, Salespeople


Common Mistakes Salespeople Make

A four-hour course that focuses on the top 30 mistakes that Automotive Salespeople make each and every day. Topics range from hygiene and attitude to understanding the Customer. Heavy emphasis is placed on the common mistakes made during the sales, objection and phone-up process, plus prospecting and social media. The student will be exposed to some great solutions to improve each area.

Who Should Attend: Dealers, GM's, GSM's, Sales Managers, Salespeople


Understanding Your Customer

This four-hour course focuses on the first 10 minutes of a Customer's arrival at the Dealership. We are all familiar with the phrase "I'd rather get a root canal than buy a new car." In this course, the student will learn how to listen to the Customer and how best to approach them in the buying process. This course will reveal how to lower a Customer's defensive posture and create a level of comfort that establishes an environment in which the Customer will enjoy spending time with the Salesperson.

Who Should Attend: Sales Managers, Salespeople


Phone-Ups Level 2

A one-day advanced phone-up course that focuses on bringing the student to the second level of learning, the Reproduction stage. This course includes extensive role playing, advanced script development and live calls for critiquing.

COURSE ELIGIBILITY: Student must have completed either the 5 Day Entry Level Sales or the Level 1 Phone-Up Course to be eligible to attend.

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