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Service Advisor Training

Not being grounded in the basics of selling service is detrimental to the service department’s bottom line. This program prepares you to offer exceptional customer service while increasing your sales opportunities.


Upselling Customer Pay Revenue

Improving or modifying your systems and processes are essential to optimize your service department. This program teaches advanced selling strategies that are key to upselling your customer pay opportunities.


Service Management

A poorly trained service manager will kill your service department. Whether you are a new manager or seasoned, this program will provide the techniques to fully leverage the service department and increase revenue, profitability, and customer retention.



Available Dates
December 4 - December 5   SOLD
December 6 - December 7   SOLD
December 11 - December 12   SOLD
December 12 - December 13   SOLD
December 14 - December 15   AVAILABLE
December 19 - December 20   AVAILABLE
December 21 - December 22   SOLD
January 2 - January 3   SOLD
January 4 - January 5   SOLD
January 9 - January 10   AVAILABLE
January 11 - January 12   AVAILABLE
January 16 - January 17   AVAILABLE
January 18 - January 19   SOLD
January 23 - January 24   AVAILABLE
January 25 - January 26   SOLD
February 6 - February 7   AVAILABLE
February 8 - February 9   SOLD
February 13 - February 14   AVAILABLE
February 15 - February 16   AVAILABLE
February 20 - February 21   SOLD
February 22 - February 23   AVAILABLE
February 27 - February 28   SOLD
February 29 - March 1   SOLD



What People Say





Our Corporate Offices are in Melbourne, FL

Sales, Fixed Ops, F&I, BDC and Management

All Trainers are DLA Certified and have extensive knowledge and management background in the automotive industry and in specific areas.

We offer both one-time and ongoing training solutions.

DLA Trainers are your dedicated Performance Partners with regular engagement and access both daily and weekly.

Fixed Ops / Service Advisor Training

No, we train in all aspects of the Service Department including Service Lane, Department Management, Dispatching, Profitability, Scheduling, BDC Operations, Shop Throughput, Parts Department, Processes & Procedures, Walkarounds, Objection Handling, Phone/Presentation Skills, Active Deliveries and CSI.

Both. We provide a combination of classroom and hands on training on the Lane.

No, increasing a Dealerships door rate is last part of the training process and is based solely on market conditions. Our training focusses on the processes and procedures within the Service Department. How to make better presentations, through effective phone skills, walk arounds, MPI presentations and active deliveries.

No. We provide training for all levels of experience from brand new to experienced Service Advisors

Significant increases in CP ELR, CP HRS/RO, CP Parts GP Margins and overall service department and employee performance.

Menu building, Labor Grid installation, Parts Matrix and Key Performance Indicator tracking just to name a few.